Friday, August 17, 2012

I very rough day!

I wanted to up date my blog because I will probably be a bit absent from posting for a little while.

My husband( the picture of health) had major heart surgery yesterday.  He was a walking time bomb!  (4 bi passes)

He,  to my knowledge, had two symptoms.  One(1) being slight discomfort( in the center of his chest) walking up an incline when we were out for a walk and (2) one evening while eating he became nauseous and left the table. Blaming it on eating too fast.

He had regular yearly health check ups and was on cholesterol medication. The day before his catherization he played 36 holes in golf.  He was at risk, his father died at 60 from a massage coronary so he took care of himself and had regular checkups.   As I look back at all of this I think he may have ignored some symptoms.

  Please, for the sake of your family, don't pass off unusual symptoms. He was very lucky he didn't die!! He could have!!!  

Sincerely sent with love,


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