Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cafe Kolache!

We've been to Cafe Kolache before but today I brought my cell phone and took lots of great pictures with the intention of sharing the Cafe Kolache experience. I felt my fellow foodies would just love hearing about the great Slovak/Czech cuisine. Unfortunately my camera malfunctioned and these are all I could retrieve :(

If you don't know much about Kolaches, the one thing that you have to be told is that the dough is sweet, perfectly sweet and just makes every bite be oh so yummy.

My Mom and Grandma made cheese kolache in a cookie sheet but on occasion they would make the dough in dough balls rolling them into squares and fill them with raspberry or prune filling. It would be a treat especially at Easter.

Cafe Kolache makes Breakfast Kolaches also.  These fluffy dough pockets are filled with egg, cheese and bacon as well as breakfast sausage, ham and Swiss and so many more,  The list goes on and on.

Their traditional Kolaches are filled with Cottage Cheese or Prune as well as many fruit Kolaches.

This cafe has lunch Kolaches as well.  I have personally tried the Spinach and Feta which was fabulous.

I also must mention that they serve salads, soups and today had a featured quiche of which I HAD a great picture but!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Grrrr yes that's one that I lost!!

 Happy Baking and Cooking!

***If you would like to check them out on the web their web address is  or you can like them on facebook (

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