Thursday, March 15, 2012

Good Food and a rainbow too!

I know I'm not complaining because all good things come to an end and before I know it I'll be home and complaining that we never go out!  Not really!  I have said that I do enjoy a good meal out on occasion but most days I'd prefer my own home cooking and I am happy to say so does my hubby!  I do have to give him credit though he cleans up most nights and that takes a lot off me so I can start to unwind after a baking or cooking filled day.

We enjoyed a quiet dinner at a local eatery and it was good!  Salad, warm bread and focaccia..Dipping oil too!  I 'd have to say this meal was starting off in the right direction..A great salad with fresh greens, carrots finely shredded, lots of Greek olives (I love them)cucumbers and red onion.. I asked the waitress for extras and she obliged pleasantly..Our dinner was for two and honestly that plate was loaded with chicken Parmesan, baked Ziti and pasta Carbonara..In the center was placed beautifully steamed and lightly seasoned broccoli.

On our drive back we saw the prettiest rainbow..An ending to a perfect evening for me!

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