Monday, January 16, 2012

Sheet Cake: Quick dessert with Pudding Icing!

When I see all the pretty decorated cakes and pies I think I should treat myself and get some lessons on how to create some amazing looking desserts..Then I stop and think why should I when a cake as easy as this pleases so many.   I realize as nice as presentation is basic always wins in my house..Here are the steps to one of,  if not the favorite cake, my grandchildren love. I may add anytime I bring this, easy to do, cake to any social or friends home it is one of the first desserts to be completely demolished.. Enjoy!

Happy Easy Baking from my kitchen to yours!!!

Note:If you would like to have a thicker icing use a smaller pan to bake the cake as a 13 x9 inch.  I used a larger sheet pan in this picture.


Icing for cake

1 box chocolate instant pudding
11/2 cups milk
1 regular cool whip 
Whisk pudding and milk then add cool whip

After cake has completely cooled frost and refrigerate.
Basic cake mix. Follow directions on box. ( I used a marble cake mix)

Spread over cake and refrigerate!

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