Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's time for a salad!

I need to smart up and get back on the wagon.  I have baked so many delicious cookies, cakes and pies this week that I think I AM on overload.   Even my hubby couldn't believe how out of control I was. (He managed to completely finish my chocolate macaroons, so obviously it isn't that bad). This week it has either rained, snowed or was so windy I just didn't want to move out of the house so unlike others who may read or do a craft I BAKE OR COOK whereas I like to bake and cook developed into a blog. Appropriately named I'd say!   Of course I baked a chocolate cherry cake later!  After all  he ate all the macaroons!!!!

There's no hope for me..Hurry Summer!!!

Our Friday night dinner!

Bibb lettuce, white tuna, red and green peppers, 2 slices vermont cheddar cheese, black olives and a sliced hard boiled egg.    Basic wine vinegar and olive oil with a dash of salt and pepper

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