Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy to be Blogging!! Still going strong In January

This blog in  part, has been my including family recipes and it will continue in that way. Some days I will go in a different direction; off Italian and Slovak and want to expand the blog menu to other meals that have interested me and I hope will interest you.

When I named this blog I like to bake and cook I was making a true statement..I love food.  At a young age Mom instilled upon me the need for the family to be together and dinner was it for us..Of course I remember days when Dad worked late so we'd eat without him but always on Sunday we would eat together.When I married we would go to their house and eat with them on some Sundays as well, and when I had children they would come and eat with us.  Mom made staples like pasta and meatballs, ziti casserole, ravioli, gnocchi, pierogies , potato pancakes etc. and would throw in meatloaf every so often  (I loved her meatloaf).

I will do the same and in the months to come you'll see the Cappeletti recipe(Mom challenged me)..She doesn't think I'll make them.. You just watch and you'll see those little caps of meat filled dough swimming in chicken soup.Note:( I made them in October)..I went to visit her recently and brought her some and she complimented me...I took the challenge. I'll be making cheese Kolachi..(Hers was the best) soon.   Raised dough filled with cheese..I can still smell it in the oven.. :)
I hope to inspire you to get out some of your family recipes and give them a whirl!!

Happy Baking and Cooking!!
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