Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dinner with our cousins! Great company and an A+ meal

We're home after spending a few days visiting my mom.  I bake and cook for days before I visit her to bring her some home cooked meals and desserts. I package  and label them so she can have a variety of items I know she enjoys.  It makes me feel pretty darn good!

This visit we also had the opportunity to go to dinner with my hubby's cousins and their spouses..I have felt like family with these great group of people for what seems like forever and they have always made me feel welcome.  Hubby and I love the hours we spend with them laughing and reminiscing. We get one of the waitresses to snap a group photo and I try to take as many food pictures as I can.. 

 We ate at Anthony's Restaurant  in Old Forge, PA. The meal was absolutely delicious..from stuffed mushrooms and fried calamari to gnocchi , chicken francaise, veal parmigiana, flounder with huge pieces of crabmeat and asparagus and Italian pork chops to name a few as well as delicious homemade Italian bread, soup and fabulous desserts.  Several of us had different specialty wines and cocktails and of course a cup of coffee to seal the deal.  Here are several photos I'd like to share...from my family to yours.

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