Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Comfort Meal: Turkey Tenderloin and Mashed Potatoes

 Not everyone likes or needs to cook a whole turkey so this is for those who enjoy turkey but don't want to eat it for a week.  Enjoy!


I know I know it's not Thanksgiving but did you ever crave turkey when it wasn't a holiday?   I did today and remembered I had purchased two Turkey Tenderloins a while ago and froze one.  Today was the day that tenderloin was going to be made for sure.

Just what I was craving!

  It was easy, just had to thaw out the tenderloin, bake and make some gravy, added bought mashed potatoes and easy microwave sugar snap peas and opened some cranberry sauce..It was really quick and easy and satisfied my turkey craving.  I'll still look forward to Thanksgiving and all the trimmings but my turkey craving has been fulfilled!

  If you want to get a quick meal together start by buying a turkey breast or tenderloin.  Brown on top of stove and bake at 350 for about 1 hour depending on size.  Make some gravy either homemade or store bought, add some bought mashed potatoes, a side salad or veggie and quick and easy does it..  Turkey breasts make a nice comfort food for fall and winter..Happy Cooking!

I loved the convenience of not having to make a huge turkey breast using this turkey tenderloin..They came two in a package...For larger appetites and leftovers you may want to make them both!

Gravy:)  I like browning the turkey on top of the stove and then baking it.   It gave  my gravy  more color.  Adding Wondra flour and about 2 cups cold water to drippings made a great gravy and it thickened just the right amount..Yay! Getting gravy to thicken has been a challenge!!!

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