Monday, October 31, 2011

Making Pasta: Basic Pasta Recipe:

This is my basic recipe for pasta dough..I use the flour I have(I usually use Pillsbury Pre sifted Flour)..I haven't used semolina so we don't miss what I haven't tried..  I probably will eventually on my baking and cooking adventure but right now this has been working fine for me..

Love my pasta machine..Start at highest setting and continue until desired thickness.

I only made enough for one 2 1/2 cups flour is plenty.

2 1/2 cups flour
3 eggs@ room temperature (take them out for a bit before making dough)
pinch of salt
1 shot glass oil
1 shot glass water
*1/2 cup extra flour to add if needed so it will go through pasta maker easily.

 Note: I think the key to great dough is leaving the eggs out to room temperature(around 15 minutes or so)helps with the blending of the flour.

Note:  I used my kitchen aid to make this dough..It made this super easy!  Mix eggs with oil,salt and water.  Add flour slowly and work together until it forms a ball using dough attachment..  Take dough out of mixer. Sprinkle a little flour on cutting board..Work with hands until all blended for several minutes until it is thoroughly worked together..Set aside and cover with Glad wrap to rest  for 10 minutes or so.  Cut in sections, flour generously so pasta will not stick,using macaroni machine starting at highest setting, starting on flat side and work through and go on to either fettuccine or spaghetti  until you get the desired pasta size you desire.. Cook in slightly salted boiling water until tender..  Happy Making some Pasta dough!!!
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