Monday, September 12, 2011

My Indoor and Outdoor garden today!

When the leaves start to fall and the blooms fade..I'll keep these pictures as a reminder of summer..Hope you enjoy them! and come back to check them out again..Happy Blogging!!!! 

and I want to share them with you today..

I love yellow lilies
My zinnia were huge and they were planted from seeds

I really don't know what this is..I'm told it looks like a tobacco plant..don't have a clue..I bought it without a tag..Pretty isn't it?

I mixed several different annuals together..The light green in the back is the sweet potato vine..( I harvest huge sweet potatoes

Another variation of lily

 My indoor garden!  This plant was supposed to be dwarf!  I don't think so~~~

This too surprised me at how quickly it grew

The prettiest Christmas cactus!  Orange/gold..not traditional red

The pothus on the right is beautifully variegated

This lily is outside..I have yellow, orange and pink variations.

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