Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NEPA Pizza: Hometown Favorite!

When I was living in NEPA(short for Northeastern PA) and that is where I grew up, pizza was the in food...We had pizza parlors almost on every corner.. or a diner..You'd go for pizza after a football game or for french fries with gravy at the local diner..Mom would order pizza on Friday's or she'd make some but mostly we'd have it any day and anytime..I'll be telling my age but we would get 12 cuts for $1.00..and it was wonderful. and seldom did you get a topping ordered..Maybe pepperoni but mostly it  was cheese and tomato pizza (or as we called it plain).  I lived across the street from one pizza parlor and it was one of the best pizza parlors around..

About 10 miles from where I lived one of the areas was and still is called the Pizza Capital of the World..That is where we were last night..and the pictures above show that scrumptious, cheesy tomato cut/slice that in my opinion can't be duplicated...My hubby and I search but it seems that in the city they love mozzarella and provolone cheese and just about everyone orders the works..The more toppings the better...I like those cheeses too but back in NEPA their pizza cheese is definitely not those two..We figure it to be a mix of American, brick or sharp cheese..and fresh canned stuff on this pizza..and the crust crispy and so light..ahh some things you just can't forget and I can't wait to go back for a visit..Love the area and love the pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yummy
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