Saturday, August 25, 2012

Watermelon Ice Cream: Refreshing and Easy to Make!

My middle grandson was having a few friends over to celebrate his Birthday so I decided to make something the gang would definitely love.  Watermelon Ice Cream!  Easy to make,  just allow time for it to freeze.  It is a make the night before dessert and I top it with either whipped topping or Cool Whip..Whatever is easier.  A great Summer Treat! 

I used muffin cups to make it a little more party like but a 13 x 9 inch pan will work fine.

2 cups seedless (cute in medium size cubes) watermelon
4 cups vanilla ice cream softened
mini chocolate chips (optional) 1 cup beaten heavy cream or Cool Whip( for topping)

Soften ice cream on counter.  

Drain watermelon (sometimes they are very juicy), add ice cream and blend into a consistency of a milkshake.  There's an idea!
  Add softened ice cream and blend thoroughly..Pour mixture into 13 x 9 inch pyrex or corning pan and refreeze until hard..Best if frozen overnight..

Easy to make and serve!  Use ice cream scooper to scoop out and serve.. or maybe pops!!

Note:  I poured my watermelon/ ice cream mixture into muffin cups and froze for a nicer presentation and I then topped with whipped cream and a strawberry, then  put back in freezer to set.. Serve immediately....Refreshing!!!

The strawberry was a little large..maybe a slice or two would be enough!!

First I pureed the watermelon and then added the softened ice cream.

I used disposable pan but whatever works is fine.


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