Thursday, March 23, 2017

Peanut Butter Fudge made with Organic Peanut Butter

 I've posted this recipe before so it's for those who haven't had the chance to copy the recipe.  Please do!  It's my pleasure!!:)It is updated!

It's a very rainy day so "Let's make fudge"!!

My girlfriend Cheryl would make this wonderful easy fudge when a few of us would get together with our families.  She would use chunky peanut butter for her recipe. Now her recipe is a family favorite!  Hint:  This fudge is a BIG hit when you bring some to a picnic or also a Bake sale!  We have sold out immediately when someone realizes there is HOMEMADE FUDGE! :)

I used organic smooth peanut butter(regular is fine) because the kiddo's aren't fond of peanuts,  Costco's (Kirkland Brand). Feel free to use your peanut butter of choice.  It does not have to be organic.

It is really raining in buckets so what a better day to stay inside (I do have to go and pick up my grandson) but after that I'm in for the duration of this miserable rain. This easy fudge is the answer to my sweet tooth craving.  I ate a few pieces.  Perfect!  It really was wonderful and it takes very little time and effort to put together.

  It sets very quickly so make sure you have your pyrex dish all buttered and ready to go. 

Note: I've bought Costco's Organic peanut butter before and it is very good.  You  must stir it well (oil settles on top).  It did just fine with this fudge recipe and with 2 cups of sugar in this recipe cutting back a little bit on sugar is a good thing.  It is plenty sweet.  Jif, ( is the peanut butter I usually use) is sweeter, but we are using plenty of sugar in this recipe so I am confident this will do fine. Yummy!!!!

2 cups sugar
1/2  cup milk( I used whole milk)
Bring above to a rapid (full boil)stirring constantly for **exactly 3 minutes..(you should use a timer)no less!

Remove from stove add 1- 12 oz. chunky or regular peanut butter (organic works out fine) and 1- 7 oz. jar marshmallow cream.  Stir really well with a large spoon until blended and then quickly place in a buttered dish.  (I used a 8 x8 glass dish).  Refrigerate.  Cut after completely cooled.  About 1 hour.  Note:  After reading the ingredients on back on Kirklands organic peanut butter  label.  I found it to be much much lower in salt and lower in sugar and fat than regular Jif.
 p.s. I'd definitely use this peanut butter again.

Happy Baking and Cooking from my kitchen to yours,

So good!  Satisfied my sweet tooth..Big time!

First I folded in peanut butter then marshmallow

Spread mixture quickly into well buttered pan..Refrigerate until completely cooled and then cut into pieces.

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