Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Three Year Blog and Page Anniversay!

Thank you all for supporting my blog and Facebook page where food is my passion and bringing to you as many good healthy family recipes and all that goes with spending time in the kitchen.  My kitchen isn't perfect but my intentions are to make you want to bake and cook so you can make food memories to last forever.   Stumbles, fumbles and great creations come from those who try!   

About 6 weeks from today I'll be hitting another milestone on my blog and page. I can't believe it but it's will be three years on my I Like to Bake and Cook Blog and Facebook too!.

I have learned a great deal in these 3 years. More than I could ever imagine I could. My world now expands to almost every state and countries all over the world. People from all wa
lks of life stopping by to visit me. I feel so blessed..

My goal has always been to show everyone that we can put healthy food on our table and give our families good meals without breaking the bank so to speak. I wanted to make a small difference in the way we communicated with each other and why not with food, our common bond? So simple but yet so many countries don't have the resources as America does. We are so very fortunate.

My mom always said when I left something on my plate about the poor and how much they would appreciate what scraps I was not eating. It stuck in my mind and to this day I work very hard not to waste food. I combine various foods and make some of the easiest meals with no specific recipe. So if there is one thing more lol I could say is think before you throw away food and come up with creations of your own. You'd be surprised what you can do!

Have a great day and please know I care for each and everyone of you and love that I am able to share recipes and fun stuff lol to brighten your day in some small way. :)

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