Thursday, June 16, 2011

Out to dinner! Italian again!...... Am I crazy?

I have blogged almost, if not ,every day since I decided I was going to try this new adventure blogging..I really am into it and I took a break yesterday and went to dinner with some friends..(good friends I may add)...I have to say I make  Italian food often(my husband enjoys it) but I find it a challenge when I go to an Italian Restaurant to see if their food compares to mine..and most times it just doesn't....and I find that the more I cook the less I want to eat out unless I am assured it is going to be wonderful..I look to people who have the same tastes as I do and value their opinion so I rated last night a C+ and our friends agreed..the best part of the meal was the salad..I'll show you a picture..It looks similar to the one I make often....SO NOW I SAY GIVE ME A STEAK...I'm taking a break from Italian...
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