Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello Bloggers! Just a note on an evening dine out with friends!!

Tonight was a beautiful night and we had a lovely dinner with friends..My husband chose it so it was an ITALIAN RESTAURANT..I cook many Italian Meals but he always likes to check out those restaurants.  It was a 45 minute drive so I sure hoped it was worth the drive..My opinion on this one was that is was good but lacked some qualities of a very good Italian Meal..  First the plus, good Italian Red Wine(Cabernet) and the Marinara was decent..Surprisingly...I am fussy with my sauce(don't like seasoning to overwhelm sauce so this wasn't bad..Salad was disappointing...not an olive or a peppercini anywhere to be seen..and what happened to good Italian where in sight! and  no appealing desserts..Bummer ..thought maybe a Cannoli or an Almond Torte..NOT!
I'll be posting some more yummy recipes soon..Happy Baking and Cooking!
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