Friday, March 24, 2017

Angel Food Jello Dessert! Make it sugar free if you like :)

I imagine you have heard of poke cakes! They have been around forever.  My mother-in-law made them frequently in the summer.  Well this is similar but not the same if you can understand my lingo? No poking necessary!!!!!!!

Please note: When I first published this post poke cakes weren't the craze. Now they are and I have a few recipes in my label section that you will love. Great dessert idea for busy people.

I had made an angel food cake the other day and quite honestly although I want to watch my calories for some reason it just didn't make the cut so today I sliced it in 1/2 inch slices and layered the slices between fresh strawberries and bananas.(bottom layer angel food cake) then fresh strawberries and bananas) and then top with angel food cake. Then I made strawberry banana jello and followed the instructions on the box and poured the jello mixture over the top layer of angel food cake. I refrigerated it for several hours, topped  it with cool whip and more fresh berries which I had recently bought.  Here's some photo's. Hopefully they'll make it clear for you.  I feel a little wordy today. Enjoy!  Makes 6 large sandwich type sections or cut in smaller half size sections. Note:  Use sugar free jello if you like and follow instructions.

Happy fresh fruit and cake day!

From my kitchen to yours,

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