Friday, December 30, 2016

Getting Organized: FYI: Your Clothes 2017

 Happy New Year 2017

The years come and go but somethings don't change.

Let's get together and get organized.

Passing a few helpful suggestions to you to help you and I get organized this new year.  

To be clear I am not suggesting you do this for New Years Eve or Day but if you have not made any plans for this weekend I say why not? It just may make it a good way to start the new year. 


I know it is hard to do but in order to have a free and uncluttered closet you must downsize.  Several nice casual and dressy casual outfits is probably all that you will ever need.  Personally at this time of my life I need less and as much as I love to shop I find myself being a lot more selective.  So IMO that is as good a reason to leave room to pick out some new items when you feel the need for a little something to update..

FYI:  Take some time (preferably on the weekend ) and start going through your clothes. Anything that is soiled or damaged get a large bag and get rid of them.  Make note that any clothes that don't fit quite like you would like them to either pitch it or put it in a pile to go through to donate or re-sell at a re-sale shop.  They are the in thing at the moment.

Making about 3 piles should make it simpler to do. One to pitch soiled or unwanted items, one for donation to local homeless shelter and one for consignment or re-sell.   This should help allowing room for any must keep items.  This should not take you a very long time.  It is either a keep or time to go. Simple!

I like a neat closet and twice a year go through it.  It makes me feel much calmer.  Yes it does and instead getting frustrated on what to wear this will take some pressure off you. It will take some stress out of getting ready.  No matter if it's work or to the grocery store.  It just makes life better!

My closet!

First and foremost I make sure all my hangers are going in the same direction.. So much easier when you have them all going the same direction.

Second:   I keep my shirts, blouses and other hang able tops in one section. I keep my clothes according to colors.  Whites, blacks, browns and keep mixed colors last.  Anything that can be folded I put in easy accessible drawers.  I keep all tanks, tees and cami's in one drawer..

Third:  I place pants/slacks, beige's, brown's and blacks next to my shirts or blouses. I have decided basic colors work best!

Fourth:   I place all casual jackets,blouses and tops  according to color.

***I keep belts and scarfs on a belt/scarf hanger (I bought one at Marshall's for $6.99.. ( I love scarfs) You can use a plastic soda 6 pack bottle container for scarves too!  They make an easy place to store scarves.  Hang the plastic container on a hanger and through the holes place scarves.( I hope I explained that enough for you to envision it..No picture sorry!

Fifth:   At the very back of the closet all dressy skirts, pants and items that I use only on occasion. I find I wear fewer dress items anymore.

A special note:  You don't have to spend a fortune organizing your closet.  I ask for the hangers when I purchase items.  Usually they are more than happy to accommodate.  I do have a few felt pants hangers for those creased or hard to hang pants or slacks..

Last about shoes.  I love shoes lol.  and purses(I won't even go there)and shoes are a weakness in my never ending search for the right purse or pair of shoes.  I do not keep boxes..I have learned they take up way too much space. I use stack able containers  to store my extra shoes. I bought the containers at either Wal Mart or Target. The drawers slide out for easy removal of shoes.  They store approximately 5 or 6 pair of shoes in each container, depending on size of heel... 

Happy New You for the New Year.

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