Sunday, December 18, 2016


Hi everyone.  I'm going to be sitting back a bit the next week doing very little posting unless I decide to make a few new cookie recipes I have. I'll be busy preparing for our Christmas dinner.

My menu is set and most of my main food items are made and all I have to do it put it all together.  It's all laid out in my mind lol.  I haven't decided on what antipasto design I will make.  It may just be something simple unless my ambition to create takes over.

My family will be surprised at the main entree. I won't bring attention to it because they may be checking out my page.

Hubby and I did manage to buy the extra gift we do every year where each family guesses what is in the box.  If I haven't told you about it I will now.  We buy something we feel is family friendly in the $50.00 range.  Wrap it and we give them clues.  The family closest to what the actual gift is by guessing wins it.  It's fun!

We also do the saran wrap fun game.  Wrapping up small items(dollar store) piece by piece in a ball.  You can find the how to on the internet. I'll give you the link.

Check back to see what's baking and cooking in my kitchen when you get a chance.  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. 

Hugs and love , M.j. ox

Merry Christmas........
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