Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm talking Turkey!!!! Make it stress free

No matter how many times I make a turkey I glance at this year after year just because it makes me happy to be able to enjoy this blog and all your wonderful foodies all over the world. xo 

Thanksgiving is only two weeks away so I'm re posting these suggestions to make your Thanksgiving stress free.

I have entertained for many years and have found that taking the stress out of entertaining is the only way to go.  For years I fussed over perfection and finally realized it wasn't really the food that mattered so much as getting together with family, friends and love ones and believe me it was difficult coming to that realization.

After many years I am now enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner at our daughters.  I have passed the torch and if I may say so she does a great job of our Thanksgiving feast.  Here are a few helpful suggestions I am sharing to help you enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner and any time you are having more than two for a holiday turkey dinner.  Enjoy!

Helpful Thanksgiving Tips

Re-posting these to make Thanksgiving stress free!!!!

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It doesn't seem to matter if I cook or go to my daughter's for Thanksgiving there are some things from year to year that never change. Today I am sharing some of my thoughts on making your turkey day a pleasant one.

First decide what time is dinner.  Early or mid to late day..1, 3 or 5 decide..
Who's coming?  How many?  You have to plan on what size bird to buy.. Plan on 1/2 lb. of turkey per person allowing for leftovers or a hungry group.


Who's bringing a side or dessert? (If you don't get any offers, make sides and dessert simple.You want to enjoy the day!!!!!

Stuffing the Bird:  We use our traditional stuffing and if we stuff the bird we stuff it right before we put it in the oven, and don't pack it too tightly.  We don't want any problems!  Also, I might suggest to make at least one baking pan of extra stuffing.

  You must allow for leftovers for those who enjoy a lot of stuffing.  Make sure you coat pan with lots of butter or margarine.  It really brings out the flavor.

Now on to cleaning and cooking the turkey.  Most turkey's have instructions on the back of the package but  I'll give you some of my suggestions..

First, if the turkey is frozen allow it to thaw in the refrigerator.  Allow 1 day for every 4 or 5 lbs.  A 15 lb. turkey I would put in refrigerator on Monday to be sure it is thawed by Thursday.

Clean the turkey well making sure not to forget the neck and insides.  I have, in my earlier experiences, left the neck in.  Check the turkey and wash it in cold water. Pat it well and I put it in my roaster to drain(placing it on paper towels).   I use a large roasting pan that is not non stick.  You get great drippings!!!! Cover and refrigerate.

  Baking it at 325 degrees would probably take that 15 lb. turkey approximately 3 to 4 hours to roast depending on your oven. I usually start off my turkey at a 350 degree oven and after one hour take it back down to 325 degrees.

Now on to the GRAVY.  Remove drippings from pan, scrapping the bottom.  Add about 4 cups cold water and follow (I use Wondra flour instructions) to make a smooth gravy. Salt!! add about 1 tsp. or more.  Nothing is worse than bland tasting gravy.. Taste test to make sure.  Using a wire whisk so as to avoid lumps keep stirring gravy mix until smooth.

Last but not least, Test turkey to see if it is done.  I use a meat thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey, taking care not to touch the bone.  The temperature reading should be 165 degrees.  Let turkey sit for 15 minutes or so(vent with aluminum foil), after removing from oven.  Then carve to your liking...

Hope these tips will be a help to you this holiday!  Why not print it or bookmark this post...

Happy Baking and Cooking! 

Hoping you have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. 

As always,

p.s.  Some of these tips on roasting the turkey were taken from a Cook. Smart magazine..

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