Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Low carb pork tenderloin

When in doubt make a pork tenderloin. There are usually sales on pork at several times during the year.  Picking up some during a sale is always a smart decision. You can always freeze them for another meal. My tenderloins always come in a package of two. I use one and freeze one for later. Prices vary but I get a pack of two for $12.00 to $15.00.  It's really great when there is a buy one get one sale!  Look for them. I know Florida 's Publix and Pittsburgh's Giant Eagle have those type specials occasionally.

Now for the simple recipe.  Whether you like lightly seasoned or heavy seasonings this is easily adapted to you liking.

Rule of thumb 1 tsp. Salt per lb. of meat 

If you are making this for the first time and you are conservative while cooking to give the pork a great flavor you must use enough of each ingredient.  Here is approximately the amounts I use.

1# or more pork tenderloin
1 tablespoon salt(I like a little more salt in this recipe)
2 tablespoons pepper
2 tablespoons dried fill
2 tablespoons oil to use for searing the pork
1 to 2 cloves garlic Minced or whole

On a large plate or wax paper place all seasonings except garlic. Stir with fork to mix. Make small slits in pork and place garlic in several of the slits. Roll pork tenderloin in seasonings making sure the spices cover it.

Giving the spices some time to seep into the pork I season mine the night before if possible and either store in zip lock bag or wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to cook.

Today I decided it was going to be a crockpot dish so I placed my seasoned tenderloin in a pan with a little olive oil and seared it in both sides.  After it was seared nicely I placed it in my crockpot with 1/2 cup water and cooked it on low for 4 hours.  Allow it to rest for 10 minutes and slice in 1/2 inch slices.  Save drippings and spoon over pork.

Serve with fresh green beans and natural applesauce or vegetable of choice. Enjoy! Low carb meal.

NOTE; you can roast the pork in the oven too.  Follow same recipe but after searing cover for 1/2 hour and remove covering and cook an additional 1/2 hour or more.

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