Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five Days of Easy, quick and delicious meals and a bonus dessert

It's the time of the year that we are thinking and hoping for warmer and sunnier weather.  Time to get out and play. Whether it's in your yard or to do some outdoor things you would like to do.  Walking, biking, playing with your garden or even if this is a first doing some container gardening. I'm starting from a few seeds this year.

I personally love container gardening.  I find it easier to handle, less weeding to do and basically I concentrate on a few herbs you use most days to add to your recipes that call for fresh herbs. As in basil, parsley, chives to name a few.

I also want to give you some easy suggestions for meals.  I have over 200 easy recipes on this blog but occasionally don't post all of them because they are so easy I'm thinking them up while I am cooking.You really can do this too!  It is not difficult.

I find that for my hubby and I since we are the only the only two most days I cook for that buying a few items at the beginning of a week or pay period works for easy meals.

These meat, fish, poultry items can be found in small packages or larger depending on what size of family you are cooking for.  I'm thinking about some meals that take very little preparation and time t o say the least but satisfy and taste good.

Here's where my idea comes in handy.  If your store has specials this may be the way to start.  My local grocery store has items that they sell 5 for $19.99 which works for us.  They package approximately one lb. packages of ground beef, chicken, round steak, beef cubes, pork cutlets etc.  They are all fresh cut and will have a use by within a week. If I don't use them by the time of expiration I freeze them for later.  Check out your local grocery store they may have some too!    I buy that special quite  oven and play with ideas I have as well as what I have in my pantry, refrigerator or freezer.

You can make meals so quickly adding spices, onions, garlic and different seasonings (as in paprika, lemon pepper etc. your family might enjoy.  Play with spices remembering to start slowly with amounts.  You can season too much and that would possibly not work as they might not want that particular seasoning again if you are too heavy handed with them.

Below are a few I have made this past week.  No basic recipe just playing with food.  Enjoy!

Link:  Sticky Chicken
Pink Angel Food Cake  Box Angel food cake prepared as directed on box.  Add 8 drops red food coloring

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