Monday, January 18, 2016

Pasta e Pisellii

 I had the privilege of seeing a cooking demonstration a few months ago and the chef was Italian.  He went on to explain to us a simple dish/meal his mother used to make.  He was Italian and although I am part Italian I had never heard of it. We were able to try a small sample of it after it was prepared and I really liked it so I managed to take picture of it in my mind and below is what I came up with.  Those who love peas or like them will surely enjoy this recipe.

 Peas and pasta/ Pasta Piselli

To add to your grocery list for tomorrow . Simple ingredients to make a meal!

1 to 2 - 15 oz can Le fleur peas (use liquid too)
Romano or Parmesan cheese
chicken broth to thin if needed
olive oil
salt and lots of pepper
tiny pasta as in ditallini or petite shells 

NOTE:  Add some grilled chicken to it for some added protein.


4 T butter
1/4 cup olive oil
1 clove minced garlic 
1 medium onion diced and grated
***Romano cheese no on the shelf cheese!!!! In deli dept.
Generous amount pepper
2 cans le fleur peas.  Use liquid
Chicken broth 

1 lb tiny shells cooked and drained (salt water)

Sauté onion in butter olive oil until translucent . Add garlic and simmer another minute or two.

Add peas juice and all.  Simmer a few minutes until you are sure it is warm /hot throughout.

Add drained pasta and cheese, an additional and salt and pepper if needed . Serve warm I did not add any additional salt but lots of pepper.......

Keep a little of your pasta water to add to thin it if necessary or add chicken or vegetable broth to make it soupy .

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Note:  you can cook pasta ahead of time and add a little olive oil and store in refrigerator in resealable  bags.  Pasta will keep for several days .

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