Sunday, January 31, 2016

Aunt Annie's Zucchini Soup Recipe (Meatballs added)

 A delicious soup recipe for a cold winter day!

I like to tell you a little about Aunt Annie.  She was such a sweet lady.   I met Aunt Annie when my hubby and I were dating.  She was a  sister to Alda (her twin) and Lil.  (Lil being my mother- in -law.)  Feisty and a right to the point lady who pulled no punches; she was, a say it like it is, peach of a lady, and a great cook!   Note:   I use her cheese ravioli recipe when I make my little pouches of cheese ravioli pasta.  This soup recipe is a favorite of mine and I managed to get the exact recipe last week from my sister in law..  Here it is:

1 medium zucchini washed and grated with skin on
3 cups chicken soup  ( You can use use your own chicken broth if you like)
2/3 cups cooked rice or 1/2 cup cooked pasta noodles
1 egg beaten
1 clove garlic minced, saute in small amount of oil
Italian meatballs
grated Italian cheese

Using the large side of your grater, grate zucchini skin and all.  Cook rice separately.  Saute, garlic in oil slowly, add grated zucchini, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste and cook a bit more. Add chicken broth.  Beat and add and approximately 1 tablespoon grated cheese. Whisk egg/cheese mixture through soup.  Cook for several minutes and serve.  Delish!  Note:   Her recipe  didn't have the exact amount of soup so I guessed and measured the amount I was using. 

I added some homemade meatballs to this soup and a few broken up pasta pieces.  


Zucchini soup with carrots, small ditalini and grated cheese


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