Monday, November 16, 2015

Useful and helpful hints:

Here are several hints that might make baking and cooking a bit easier.  I found them in a Reader's Digest issue..You may find them helpful! I did!!! 

Peeling Apples:

Peeling  apples for a pie can take less time with this trick:  Peel around the top and bottom of an apple in a circle, leaving the center intact. Then peel the center in a top to bottom motion, turning the apple as you go..


Getting gravy to the right consistency takes time and care..Try this hint..If it's too thick, mix in teaspoons of hot water until it's right..To avoid lumps, use Wondra (I love it)..You can find it by the flour..

Basting the Turkey::

Rather than basting with your pan drippings, use melted butter and a bit of wine..It'll add a buttery tang to the turkey and help keep it juicy.  You can add your favorite herbs, garlic and other seasonings too!


Replace your ice bucket with a kitchen colander..Place an ice filled colander in a bowl and as the ice melts, only the ice cubes will remain..water will drip to bowl..How about that!!!  Easy!

Dress up your Mayo:

If plain mayonnaise isn't cutting it on your sandwich try adding some fresh basil, thyme, lemon or lime juice..Even hot sauce or horseradish will add to spicing it up!

Hope you found these helpful..I'll keep posting more when I think they might interest you..

Happy Baking and Cooking!


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