Friday, May 15, 2015

Salted Butterscotch-banana Bundt cake (New recipe)

Today was a free day so I decided baking would be a priority. I do love to bake and when I get in the mood you can't stop me. I was planning on baking the above cake but once it was done I went on to bake several more.

I'm visiting Mom next week and she loves all the meals and sweets I take to her so along with a social we will be going to tomorrow I figured I'd bake a few cakes. As in three!

This was the first and it's a new recipe that I found in Woman's Day magazine.  There are so many good recipes posted in magazines and although the internet is handy I love browsing magazines more.  Yes MORE!

I'm going to see if I can copy this recipe as is with my camera. If it isn't clear I'll type it for you.
FYI;  The other two cakes are a Pineapple Coconut Cherry Cake with cream cheese icing and a Chocolate/Cherry Cake with butter cream icing and garnished with toasted almonds.

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