Monday, August 4, 2014

Potato Gnocchi, My way!!

 FYI:  One of my Italian favorite recipes is Gnocchi.  I'm proud to be Italian 50% Italian.  Ha ha it's true.  I'm a blend of two 100% Italian grandfathers and a 100 % Slovak grandmother and 100% English grandmother.  A good combination!  I spent a great deal of  time with my grandparents so I am blessed to combine a lot of my recipes using what I remember they used and am able to create really delicious meals. Unfortunately I have very few pictures of my grandparents.  Here are a few but I'm going through lots of boxes looking for more.  Until?? Enjoy the few I was able to find!  

From my kitchen to yours,

Grandma and Grandpa
Nana and my daughter

My mom and my m-i-l put their potatoes through a ricer to make gnocchi but I’m decided to give it a whirl and try my mixer to mash the potatoes to see how light they’d be.  Took a taste test on a few to make sure the combination was what I was looking for and they turned out delightful.. I want to share my recipe and pictures with you…

One of Dad's favorite dishes.


8 medium russet potatoes (baking potatoes, peeled and cut in medium cubes)
1 tablespoon salt
1 large egg
3 + cups Pillsbury Pre Sifted Flour

Put potatoes in large pot and salt water.. Boil until tender (fork will go right through center)
Take off heat and drain thoroughly in large colander
Using electric mixer beat on medium and then high speed until all potatoes are mashed through   Do this while potatoes are still hot.  (You could use food processor but I used mixer just to see if it would accomplish the task).  It worked fine..

 Transfer potatoes to large bowl and cool potatoes completely after mashing..(I cover slightly while cooling).  When cooled add 1 egg and slowly while working with your hands 1 cup at a time of flour until a large ball forms..(I have picture examples on blog)

Cover large ball of dough( Set aside) Slice in sections to make a long tootsie roll like piece of dough.. Add a little flour if needed to  have dough not stick to cutting board.. Cut in pieces and score with fork..(Picture will demonstrate..)  Cook immediately in large pot of boiling water until gnocchi comes to surface.  Stirring now and them to make sure they don’t stick to bottom of pot…Using a medium strainer ..scoop gnocchi out and place on dish.. Serve with Red or white sauce.. I use Red Sauce and top with grated Pecorino Romano Cheese.. 


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