Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Basic Wedding Soup!

If I did everything old school I'd make this soup using a fresh pot of homemade chicken soup Homemade Chicken Soup! or at least have several quarts in my freezer but I'm starting to give in and buy chicken broth. It's so darn easy to use.  Yikes I can't believe I actually said that! but it's true.  I know it's summer and most don't associate a nice cup or bowl of soup with this time of the year but I got a hankering for some wedding soup and made a real easy version to share.

First to start off I was making meatballs so I left about 1/2 lb. or less of my seasoned ground meat mixture aside knowing I was going to make some mini meatballs for the soup. You can easily mix some ground meat with some Italian cheese, salt and pepper and break off small pieces to add to soup.  You don't have to make a specific meatball recipe for this soup.  Ground beef, salt and pepper and cheese, that's it!

Easy soup recipe

1 to 2- 48 oz. cartons Chicken Broth (I love Swanson)
1/2 lb. approx. mini meatballs
1 carrot thinly sliced or grated
1/2 pkg frozen chopped spinach (fresh chopped would be nice but I didn't have any so I cut the package in half and used frozen).  
1/2 uncooked rice
grated cheese

Place all ingredients in a medium to large pot. Bring to a slow boil and simmer until rice is cooked.  Mini meatballs will cook quickly and will be done when rice is. Add some grated cheese to top!  Bon Appetit and so Delish!

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