Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eggless Tiramisu! A Birthday dessert for me!

 Re-post of one of my favorite desserts. A great Christmas Dessert idea from my kitchen to yours, xo

It's my birthday and I'm eating dessert! and it's before dinner.  I can do whatever I want and I like it!

  As my grandson's says "I'm Boss"..whatever that means but I'm thinking that's a good thing or so I'm hoping.  Enjoy this extremely delicious Tiramisu.  Thanks just a pinch for the recipe!  Mixed it up a bit and I think you can too if you can't find ladyfingers.

Happy Baking from my kitchen to yours,


I am very skeptical about using raw eggs in any recipe so when I saw this recipe posted on I wanted to try making something similar.

I couldn't find ladyfingers at the grocery store so I substituted Almond Biscotti for the lady fingers.  The recipe turned out fine but I forgot to buy 2 packages as the recipe called for (24) so I wasn't able to layer mine. Surprisingly it turned out fine and it was super easy. 

Here's the finished product!  Make sure to refrigerate for several hours before serving and also carefully dip the ladyfinger or biscotti.  The biscotti absorb quickly.  

P.S.  I couldn't tell any difference except the Stella Doro had tiny pics of almonds going through them.  A great touch!  I should had had two packages but since I only bought one it was a single layer tiramisu which was fine. A keeper recipe!

Happy Baking from my kitchen to yours,

1 c
mascarpone cheese
5 Tbsp
powered sugar
1 tsp
2 c
cool whip, thawed
1 c
coffee, strong and cooled
1 pkg
ladyfingers 24 count
1/2 c
cocoa powder
1/4 c
shaved chocolate

Mix mascarpone cheese, powered sugar, and vanilla.  When mixed well fold in cool whip


dip 12 lady fingers in the coffee, letting sit for a min. before placing on the bottom of a rectangle glass pan. (make sure you let lady fingers sit in coffee for a little while because it will be dry if they are not moist enough)depending on the pan you use, you sometime have to break some in half to completely cover bottom with ladyfingers.


pour half of the mascarpone cheese mixture over ladyfingers. shift cocoa powder evenly over mascarpone mixture. not to light but not to heavy, I put enough so you can hardly see the cheese mixture.


dip the last 12 lady fingers in the coffee and spread the rest of the mascarpone cheese mixture. do another med. layer of cocoa powder. this time sprinkle shaved chocolate over the top. I use about 1/4 or a little more on the top.


Let set in refrigerator for at least 2 hours.   4 or more is better!! Enjoy!!!


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