Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Easy Stromboli! For all you non meat lovers ! Veggie/cheese stromboli

This is the new format to my blogger posts.  I hope you like the larger pictures, new colors and different font!  I like to change my cover now and again to brighten things a bit.

This all veggie and cheese easy Stromboli should especially please the non meat lovers.  I made this using  refrigerated pizza dough.  Delicious! You can substitute other veggies if you like but the spinach really helped make this meal wonderful.  Serve with marinara sauce on the side..

Happy Easy Cooking from my kitchen to yours!!


Take pizza dough out of package and layout on greased cookie sheet.  Place cheese and then add spinach and roasted red peppers..Roll like you would a nutroll.  Pulling toward you gently after each 1/4 inch or so roll.

Add some warm marinara on the side to dip.

1 pkg. pizza dough spread out
1/2 pkg. cooked spinach saute' with oil and garlic and cool
1/2 bottle drained roasted red peppers cut in pieces
8 oz. brick or mozzarella cheese shredded
4 oz. American cheese shredded

Set oven to 400 degrees.  Spread out pizza dough on greased cookie sheet..Place cheese first ,then spinach and red peppers on top..Roll from longest look similar to a nut roll shape. Rub a little olive oil on top and then sprinkle with crushed rosemary and a bit of pepper. Bake 12 to 15 minutes until dough is slightly browned..

Cool approx. 10 minutes and slice.

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