Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gnocchi with tomatoes and basil pesto with walnuts!!

I put this meal together quickly. Yesterday I made my home made pesto  Here's the link: 

I'm Making Homemade Pesto

I decided to saute approximate 4 T olive oil in a medium sauce pan and added 1/2 cup chopped fresh Roma Tomatoes and then added 2 T fresh basil pesto with walnuts.(add pesto at the very end).  You basically just warm the pesto.  While it was simmering;  in another pot with a little salt , I cooked 1 # package gnocchi.  Drained the gnocchi and added them to the pan with the pesto/tomatoes.  Tossed and added some fresh Pecorino Romano cheese and Walla a great dish for our Sunday Lunch. Add some Kalamada olives to the dish if desired. I love olives!!!

Bon Appetit!!

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