Friday, June 21, 2013

Try these Watermelon Treats! Cool and refreshing!

 I had posted this easy treat originally at Christmas because I just happened to have these Christmas Tree molds.  Today I am reposting for easy summer treats for the kiddo's or anyone who loves watermelon.  Double click on the highlighted underlined Watermelon Ice Cream for the easy recipe.

Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

I added a few mini chocolate chips for interest

Happy Summer!  

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There are lots of uses for watermelon, one being slice it up cold from the refrigerator.

Also you can scoop it, cut in pieces and add to a fruit salad.

There are watermelon coolers and watermelon frostees and various watermelon cocktails but my favorite is Watermelon Ice Cream.  Note:  Maybe next time I'll try this easy recipe with some frozen vanilla yogurt to make it with less fat.

Today mine are watermelon ice cream Christmas trees.  A nice idea for some Christmas treat.(I didn't have any other molds so I thought I'd use these).  You can easily place all in a deep freezer friendly container and scoop some out with a ice cream scooper. (Allow container soften for several minutes before scooping).  Easy to make and all you need to do to remove them is place the mold bottom in lukewarm to cold water and they easily release to serve. I managed to snag this Christmas tree mold made by Wilton, new and still in its original packaging an couldn't resist trying it out.

 Here's some pictures.  Why not try making some watermelon ice or ice cream in a mold, 13 x9 inch pan or whatever your little (big) heart desires.
Here's the link to this fabulous treat!  Watermelon Ice Cream

Freshly made watermelon ice cream..Cool and refreshing!

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