Thursday, March 7, 2013

Braciole Sandwiches! Luncheon Special!

Braciole sandwiches topped with Red sauce, Italian and Mozzarella Cheese. Oh so good!

When I make a pot of sauce most times I add meatballs, sausage or if my family is lucky Braciole.  Everyone in my family love it. It was one of my mom's specialties(another of Dad's favorite dishes) and I love making them as well.  There are a few pieces of this yummy baked steak left so today I made a great steak sandwich on  great Italian style rolls.

I have heard making Braciole, filling the center with bread stuffing(mom did that sometimes) or placing a hard boiled egg in the center; rolling and cooking it.  One of my friends mother- in- law made hers that way.  I don't care for eggs so my recipe won't include eggs.

 My recipe is easy to do and takes only a few ingredients and a little patience to roll and tie them but they are worth the effort.

My recipe is a very simple. See link: Braciole/ A family Favorite
 Here's the result. Delish!

Happy Cooking!


Using a sharp knife is the key to getting a nicely sliced roll.

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