Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A few kitchen tools I feel are a must in the kitchen!

The new version of a rolling pin...Much easier to handle and so much lighter

     Cherry Pitter..Makes pitting cherries a breeze..  A definite Gadget but I love it!!!

    Measuring cups and spoons...Accuracy in baking and cooking is a must.

    Small paring knife.

    Melon ball scooper.  Great for perfect size cookies, and meatballs..

    Meat/ Roast thermometer!

    A whisk or two and a spatula

    Hot pads.  Secure and comfy ones.  One or two that will cover your upper hand well..Burns occur very easily.

    Poultry scissors or kitchen sheers they make everything easier especially cutting small cubes (pieces)of chicken, beef or even fish.

    Hand can opener, icing spreader, tomato knife. ( I use the thin tomato knife for fileting too!)


    ********Helpful Kitchen Health and Safety Tip::

    Always keep two cutting boards..One for meats and one for fruits and veggies then you won't have to worry about contamination of foods..Hot soapy water to wash them is a must!

    Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of the handy gadgets I use in my kitchen.


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