Monday, February 25, 2013

Productive and Postive Food Choices: Rosebud

Yesterday was a very productive day in the kitchen as well as my starting to make some conscious health efforts. I started the day by thinking what I was going to do to make exercise and good eating a part of everyday. 

Rosebud!! to all those who will join me on this adventure.:). 

 I will still be posting recipes and photos as per usual but will incorporate some sort of exercise for me.  You may want to try something easy at the beginning.   Maybe I'll dance a bit in the kitchen while cooking lol. I think you know what I mean :) 

I'll leave you with this bit of advise I am going to work hard at accomplishing:

****Before I put something in my mouth I'll either not do it or take a bite and throw the rest away...I don't know it that would work for you but I am going to try. I have been told the best taste and enjoyment is in the first bite. 

I'm off for a brief walk (starting slowly) and I bought 3# arm weights to do a few arm exercises.  Strength training is important for our bones...p.s. these are only my "PERSONAL" suggestions.  I'm starting slowly and I still plan on baking and cooking per usual.  I'll just be conscious of what and how much I am eating.  

No diet products for me!   I do use a little Splenda once and a while and I love lemon in my water!!



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