Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nantucket Scones! Grab and Go!

Good Morning! Today I am sharing an easy basic scone recipe I have used before.  Easy breakfast or anytime grab and go delicious scones that I have added dried cranberries, blueberries, or now a dried fruit and nut mix.  They will work well anytime you are looking for a basic biscuit type bread.

Happy Baking from my kitchen to yours,

Hubby had picked up a bag of Nantucket fruit and nut mix and figuring it was a good mix of dried fruit and nuts it might make one great scone. I decided to grab a handful and along with 1 mashed banana set off to make something a little different.   Of course we couldn't wait to get our hands on one. Yummy, light in texture and loaded with lots of healthy fruit and nuts. Enjoy!

I made them a little larger than usual and adjusted my basic recipe so here it is.

4 cups flour
2/3 cup sugar + 1 T sugar divided
4 tsp. baking powder
8 T cold butter(it calls for cold but I let it soften a little)
2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
1 handful Nantucket fruit nut mix or dried fruit of choice
1 mashed banana

 Heat oven to 425 degrees. I leave my butter on the counter to soften for about an hour.  Then I place butter, sugar and eggs in my mixer and blend well.  To that mixture I add flour, baking powder and milk, alternating until all is blended.  Fold in fruit mix and banana and blend until all is mixed thoroughly. Drop by heaping Tablespoons onto well greased cookie sheet or better yet use parchment paper as I did. 

Sprinkle top with remaining sugar.

Bake approximately 13 to 15 minutes until lightly browned.  Yum Yum Yummy!


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